TGYP May 14 600My book, THE GAME YOU PLAYED, has been many months in the making.

All of the piles of research and the hours of writing in between my kids’ school routines and Christmas and school holidays has finally come to an end.

So, what’s it about? 

It’s about relationships, at heart. It’s asking if relationships are truly transactional or if they are something deeper, something that cannot be defined.

It’s about a young mother (Phoebe Basko) on the edge of losing her mind and her search for a lost son. It’s about misperceptions and dead ends and the terrible thing that is the human mind. It’s about the psychological games we play with each other – and with ourselves.

It’s also about gender and how your gender affects your relationships and the expectations of the role you;ll play. In the years I worked as a community manager for a large parenting discussion forum, I learned a lot about how other women feel about their relationships and the role of wife and mother (and often trying to fit paid work in on top of that). I also drew upon my experiences at playgroup and mothers’ groups. I found them extremely eye-opening, and if you read the scene in which Phoebe attends a mothers’ group, you’ll understand why! My research led me to online forums where gender is being discussed, including theories based on interpretations of evolution psychology.

In terms of the subject of the book, the loss of two-year-old Tommy Basko, most parents know the stomach-churning feeling of losing sight of their child. For parents who never find their lost child or children, or find that something terrible has happened to them, the pain would be unimaginable. My heart goes out to them. It’s something that should never happen. There are more than enough issues involved with raising children without adults preying upon them.

THE GAME YOU PLAYED explores all of the above. It’s also a twisty-turny thriller and I hope you enjoy the read!