“A dark, slow-burn serial killer story that dazzles, with an explosive ending.”

In the grip of a crushing gambling habit, young mother Evie is desperate for a way out. She’s stunned when she’s offered a lifeline: A place on a unique, addiction-healing program that includes a six-day stay, six challenges and a chance at sixty thousand dollars.

From all over the world, twenty-eight people travel to a monastery on a remote island in Greece to begin the program. There is just one clause – they must keep it secret.

The monastery holds secrets, too. There are those who peer through the walls and wait: people with the darkest of desires.

Far too late, Evie discovers the chilling truth. And the closer she gets to finding an escape, the closer the horror lurking in the depths of the monastery gets to her.




For readers of The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins and After Anna by Alex Lake.

Little Boy Blue, where did you go? Who led you away? Only I know . . . .

Two-year-old Tommy Basko goes missing from a popular inner-city playground. Six months later, his parents begin receiving cryptic messages in rhyme about Tommy. The police don’t believe the messages are from the abductor, but Tommy’s mother Phoebe is certain they’re a game meant for her.

Against the advice of the police, Phoebe decides to play the game.

At the cost of causing her marriage to shatter, Phoebe begins a frantic search for the writer of the rhymes.

When the shocking identity of the message-writer is discovered, Phoebe’s desperate race for the truth has only just begun.

Who took Tommy? And why?





This is a breakout book for Anni Taylor and I loved it. This book just makes you want to turn the page to see which direction she is going to take it.” Kboett3

Anni Taylor is absolutely brilliant in her debut book The Game You Played; an intense psychological thriller.” Katrina

This book takes off running and never stops. It’s one of those stories that takes you by the collar and tells you that dishes, laundry, work, they can all be done later. This story is to be read. Now.” Kiraleilani

The Game You Played by Aussie author Anni Taylor is an incredibly twisted psychological thriller which kept me turning the pages with anticipation. A gritty, intense read, the identity of the perpetrator shocked me – I hadn’t seen it coming!” Brenda Telford

Can I just say WOW!!!!! Anni Taylor had me on the edge of my seat and I was mad, happy, sad, pissed every emotion you can think of I was feeling it.” Linda