Roses, Bouquet, Flowers, Bouquet Of Roses, BirthdayA huge thank you to my beta readers!: Brenda Telford, Katie Boettcher, Linda Gonzales, Kira Mattox, Lena May and Carolyn Scott.

My book is better for your feedback! You made such thoughtful, insightful comments and suggestions.

What is a beta reader? Many authors use beta readers. These are people who read your book before anyone else does, when It’s still full of kinks and typos. Some authors might just have one or two readers, and give them the book in pieces,as it’s written. It would be difficult for me to do this, because, trust me, no one wants to see the raw mess inside my head!  I prefer to wait until the book is solid (at least in my mind) and almost ready to go. That way, my beta readers are fine-tuning and polishing.

My beta readers for THE GAME YOU PLAYED are a mix of US and Australian readers. I find that each person notices something different and has a different view of the characters and story. if one of my readers finds something confusing, I don’t question it – I go back and do my best to clarify whatever point I was trying to make. As an author, sometimes it’s hard to separate out what I mean and what others will think I mean.

Many books that you read are so much smoother for having been beta read!